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Born in Hoboken, The New Jersey waterfront city just across the Hudson River from the once busy docks of New York City, Bill Millers "passion" for ships began as a youngster. Since then, he has been historian at the Museum of the American Merchant Marine, chairman of the New York Branch of the World Ship Society, a board member of the Ocean Liner Museum, contributing editor to the monthly Ocean & Cruise News and recipient of the National award for Maritime Scolarship in 1994. He also publishes his own quarterly about passenger ship industry.
His private collection on ocean liners consists of over 2,000 books on the subject, 25,000 slides, 10,000 photographs and a prized collection of nearly 500 miniature passenger ship models, all of them done in 1250th scale. He even has miniature harbour recreations with thumb nail-size tugboats to fill out the scenes.
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These photos are used with kind permission of Bill Miller, and are from his personal collection of slides showing the Australis.

I am indebted to Bill Miller for the support he has provided in terms of giving permission to use some of his personal photos and information [these are subject to strict copyright].Also he has provided some unique historical perspectives which have been included in the S. S. Australis web site.

Once again many thanks.

Below is a link to Bill Miller website that I have found on the web:

Bill Miller is considered an international authority on the subject of ocean liners & cruise ships: Bill Miller At Sea.

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Black and white photo of the Australis.
The Australis is shown at Cape Town in September 1972.

Picture taken from "The Chandris Liners" by William H. Miller.

The photos above are from Bill Millers personal collection and are subject to Copyright:

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Welcome all visitors to the S.S. Australis Website, which has now been online since 1998!

I will continue to update the site if I receive a new story, or if you have interesting photos taken on the ship during your voyage on either the southbound, northbound, or on one of the South Pacific cruises. We used to do those trips several times a year from Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland (New Zealand).

I am deeply moved by the interest and wonderful contributions from the numerous passengers and crew over many years.

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